Fun Jumping Boy No 4 Livestream session

July 10, 2012

Well I did about 2 hours of composing and fleshing out Jumping Boy No. 4 which comes out Friday. I was one of the viewers so that I could keep an eye on what people were seeing ( so it was on the screen right) but there was somebody else in there watching the whole time, I saw my dad pop in for a few minutes about an hour later and then when it got near midnight I headed out myself. Heres what I go done tonight on my first livestream session. Will definitly have to do it again sometime. But maybe announce it ahead of time for those who might be interested so they don't miss out! Was a lot of fun.

And the saved video from the broadcast for those who missed it! Skip athead to 6:11, thats where I finaly am done playing with settings and figuring out how to use it and just start working on Jumping Boy! :) Theres a point shortly after were a web ad started playing. Then eventualy about 45 minutes in or so I start listening to music to help get through the task of mapping this page out. Enjoy! Who knows, maybe you'll learn something? 

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at


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