Happy 4th of July from EWG

July 3, 2012

I think this video says it all. So as EWG's little 'Happy Independence Day', I'll post this up. Thanks to Del from Delusions of Normalsy and Judoshirt.com for sharing this awesome firework fails video. Hope everyone has a safe and relaxing 4th. Heres to independence, and the freedom to blow stuff, and yourself to kingdom come. LOL - I will be in the studio bout half day on the 4th and also launching Jumping Boy webcomic. 4th of july in the middle of the week just, not feeling it. Weekend would be another story. But just another day in the woik week! But the wife being home gives good excuse to take it off for the most part. LOLOL ... some of those clips make me go !O_O! - love the dog running with the fireworks lol and the last one with the black guy 'GET SOME WATTA ITS GOIN DOWN IN DIS MAMMA JAMMIN HOUSE, SCREW THIS MAMMA JAMMIN BOOTLEG FIRECRACKA SHIEEET'


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