Happy 4th of July from EWG!

July 4, 2012

Have a safe and relaxing 4th of july. Enjoy those liberties and freedoms we get with being part of this great country.
Just a few of the ways I'm celebrating today:

1. Is the freedom to have the day off and not necessarily go crazy with cliche '4th of july' stuff
2. The freedom to create my webcomic 'jumping boy' ( jumpingboycomic.blogspot.com ) and have it out there for the public to enjoy, even if it never gets mainstream
3. The freedom to run my own business and pursue my dream of drawing and doing graphics for a living my own way and not under the scrutiny of an overpaid boss.
4. The freedom to do said work in tshirt and pajama shorts with unmade hair
5. I also am thankful for the freedom to get in my truck, and go for a fun drive, and drive wherever i want to, and to find those fun hidden magical roads that just make driving such a joy.

Also did a 'Patriot' style EWG logo for today which is posted up amongst the various websites

Have a good one, and dont burn the house down with the grill :)


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