Its Friday! Jumping Boy 6, and short list of To-Dos

July 27, 2012

Well its Friday again, and the mother-in-law is running the wife to her errand and what not so I can stay home and work. And I have a few minutes here before 8am to do a final entry for the week. 
Todays short list of what will get done is simple. 1. A two character full background full color commission for a clients BF's birthday is gotta be done by the birthday this weekend. 2. Judo shirt fix on Judo Shirt 11 and 3. the production of Judo Shirt 12. 4. Anubis' awesome character Paradigm, a one character full background action piece will get finished cause its about due. 5. Corrections due to Gary will get done today as well to his full color character concepts and hopefuly that will wrap those up.
Be sure to go read the latest installment of Jumping Boy my original webcomic story unfolding one page/ one week at a time. And holler back either her, twitter, facebook or deviant art any time let me know how I'm doing or toss any other comments my way! Thank you, have a great Friday and see you after the weekend.


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