Jumping Boy No. 4 - Finished Backgroun inks

July 12, 2012

An environment a story takes place in is almost as important if not more important than the story that unfolds. This being said, though I want to have fun and keep the look of my Jumping Boy work stylized and true to my style and what not. I want it to look right, believable, have mass and true world lighting, and perspective that looks correct, even if its fudged a bit. THAT being said, THIS page's background took me well over 2 flipping hours! Of course it doesn't look like much now, but man... what your seeing took me 2 1/2 hours to do and get right. I laughed as I scripted this page, and scenario. One I shot myself in the foot and constantly think to myself 'WHY is the main scene happening on a complicated structure like a tower crane?" cause I'm a glutton for drawing lots and lots of metal bars i guess. And two, as soon as I decided this was going to be a page where we first and foremost get to see Billy do what he does best, jump all over it, I knew I'd be drawing lots of perspective, buildings and views. THAT being said... I do like establishing panels that really lay down the environment, setting/ location. Set the story no matter how unbelievable, in a believable universe. ALL THAT being said.... I LOVE the background and how it came out. By itself. With blank balloons. Just something aesthetic about that. BUT anywho. Either late tonight, or tomorrow morning I will most likely ink the characters and post the page for tomorrow. Just out of time with this week's work load, the amount of detail that went into this page, both in the composition and finishing execution. And tonight I have special request to spend time with the wife 'who hasnt seen me in a while' (1am bed time type work nights) - for lots of board games, netflix and wii gaming. And snuggles. Lots and lots of snuggles. I've tilted the scale towards work ALL month, this one night. I plan on pretending like i have more balance that I do between work and living, and spend the night with the wife and dawg :) So, tomorrow will be a black and white page, but i'll update it with color later on. It is my solem promise, to not miss a friday within a currently running chapter, even if it has to post in black and white. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle... GI JOE!


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