Jumping Boy No 5 Posts Tomorrow!

July 19, 2012

Despite last week's incompleted ontime due to work crunch and crazy amount of background on page 4, this week's is done and ready to post! The occassional page will be launched from anything from black and white to flat colors or even pencils with finished letters in an effort to keep a schedule and continualy build up the pages. In an effort to keep said schedule, I have done a lot of preplanning, outlining and thumbnailing but when it comes to the 'page of the week' i sit down and kind of imagine it on the spot to keep it spontaneous, fun, and ever fluid. That being said, some weeks I just won't get a page as done or edited as I'd like but will do my best to keep it only occassional that a finished page isn't what gets posted. The acting format for the time being is 12 page chapters, two chapters per 'book' and generaly a volume will be 4 books give or take. Allows for short and consice story telling, and allows for eventual selling as digital and printed books. So stay tuned, enjoy and buy some JumpingBoy stickers! Wontcha?  Look for it to publish by noon on Friday 7/20. Thanks for reading and see you then!


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