Jumping Boy Webcomic Site 2.0

July 10, 2012

Jumping boy Webcomic Site 2.0
Who says I don't take suggestions? Thanks to the input of a reader who expressed the difficulty in jumping between pages; and how though it wasn't a big deal now, but get to 10 or more pages and it'll be a chore no audience wants to bother with. So I implemented a new webcomic nav bar onto the site. Check it out :) Much easier to move back and forth through the pages. I also took the opportunity to revise the site, decreasing the logo size and bringing the pages (which are the point of the whole darned thing) up towards the top more! Alright, all set for Jumping Boy No. 4 to come out Friday! - see you then! And thanks for reading! Go check it out at JumpingBoyComic.blogspot.com!


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