Proof Sketching All Day On Livestream

July 24, 2012

Hittin the short list of orders that need composed and proof sketched, so will be digitaly sketching/penciling all day today. Not recording but broadcasting on Livestream, if you have an order in the last week or two that your expecting a proof on. You'll be seeing it done today or tomorrow as these are 'draw everything' days and then Thurs and Fri will be 'finish production' days on stuff proofed with clients from last week. The wife's on some meds this week that make her a little foggy so I am getting a late start every day this week so I can drive her to work and quitting early to pick her up. Jumping Boy pg 6 will be ontime as its almost all done and the evenings will be deadicated to backlog. Alright, join me won't you? Click the link below and watch your orders come to life on LIVESTREAM!


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