Super Weekend

July 15, 2012

Man... they nailed spidey, both in and out of costume.

Went with the wife to see Amazing Spiderman this weekend, and I gotta say. A really good movie! Love the kid playing parker, hes got the right look/ stature/ personality. Enjoyed gwen, and even aunt may. I dug 'sheens' Uncle ben so much I was hoping in this version he wouldnt get killed but he did. But i'm glad they didnt dwell on it. Over all it had a lot more energy and excitement than the original spider-mans. But i didnt find myself comparing them. I like them all. And look forward to more. I was very inspired by this movie and i felt the entire time it had so many parallels to Jumping Boy. Loved it.

The aesthetics and the background were all there. Kept waiting but never got that 'its go time display of Conans awesomeness, or the feeling that even with that squid hat, the badguy wasn't a threat... *snore*

In other news, I just noticed Conan the Barbarian (recent remake) is on netflix. Skipped through a couple scenes, when we saw it last time in theatres, it was in 3d, which butchered it. So skimming through it in 2D, i loved the clarity and easy of watching in crisp movie watching goodness. But I soon realized, in 3D, or in 2D, its kind of lacking that 'HELL YEAH' you would expect from a movie like that. And so, goes to show, the feeling of un fullfilled potential one got from the 3d movie, wasn't completely the 3Ds fault, but the movies as well. So... booh.

This has been an EWG movie review session :)


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