The week is a wrap

July 20, 2012

Everyone have a great weekend, and hope your friday is a productive one. I'm so tired I can't focus on artwork so I'm doing site updates, job coordinating, record keeping and invoicing etc today. Jumping Boy episode 5 just came out, the soundtrack system has been improved, as well as the 'first' navigation buttons take you to the first page of the given chapter. The background music now plays automaticaly as soon as you start reading and really flows well this way. The music can be turned off by scrolling down and doing so for those who don't like that kind of thing. But i carefuly choose the music to really enhance the experience and the scene currently being read. I recommend reading it that way. In other news a new milestone in my production has been reached. Really evolving some new techniques and methods of making crisper and more bold art. I think the difference has been seen over the past couple posts of finished client work. Excited for some new projects just came in. If theres one thing great about this business its the variety and opportunities to really flex the creative muscles in different directions and new challenges. An artist is always a student, an ever evolving entity that changes and grows every day till the day they die. Thats right baby. Enjoy the new enhancements on Jumping Boy, and on this, the EWG website as well. Showing off the work on a nice flash image gallery slideshow at the top of the page. Whats not to like? Email me or message me in anyway you want today, I'm ALWAYS available for commissions, I schedule them ahead of time, so you need something? Don't wait. Get it now :) - Eryck Webb \ EWG


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