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July 26, 2012

Alrighty well this weeks gone by way too quickly. Got some rain coming in side from that massive micro burst of rain the other day, driving the wife to work and picking her up every day cause shes on some heavy 'fog' medicine for some neck pain and ontop of that the usual errands. Then you get a client wants a rush order and another one is a rush technicaly cause it needs to be done intime for a special event so really all cramming together. Will be doing a mix of pencil sketch proofs and finished works all day today/ tomorrow in 30 minute intervals. Proof, Production, Proof, Production. And so on.
Excited for new prospects, parnering with Indie-Zine to promote my work and sell some products with them, and a Judo strip of Delusions of Normalsy will be featured in a Judo association Enewsletter w/ me and Del's contact info on it so that'll get really good exposure, and current jobs with rock band Continuous Audio Transmission the rap artist Bishop are going to be killer, really happy with how those are going. And siked for the Gobble Con Anime Convention cover, thats already been a blast and willc ontinue to be I'm sure! Alrighty... and don't forget Jumping Boy Ch 1 Pg6 comes out tomorrow! Featuring action of a different kind! Lol. And below I wanted to post up a video I was using for inspiration/ ideas for Jumping Boy and then... a funny The Office take on the art of 'Parkour' or 'FreeRunning'. Think Freerunning influences Jumping Boy much? ABSOLUTELY! Imagine their moves over an entire city or between mountains or across a a continent.

What is Parkour/ Freerunning? 
Parkour (ˈpɑːkˌɔː) — n Also called: free running the sport or activity of running through urban areas while performing various gymnastic manoeuvres over or on man-made obstacles such as walls and buildings -

The real deal:
 The office showin how its really done LOL:


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