Daily Sketch - 83112 - Jumping B Concept

August 31, 2012

Daily Sketch - A disciplinary exercise in drawing practice on a daily basis. A moment each day to draw for myself, anything I want whatever I fancy at the given moment, and just have fun with it, masterpiece or sketchy sketch. Anything goes. Any medium, any subject.

Did a daily sketch yesterday... well honorary. Was the spiderman sampler for the new $20 commissions now available. Anywho, this is some Jumping Boy character concept sketching. Inspired by Runescape, but also a piece of the larger picture puzzle. For now though not going to say who/ what this is as neither did I on the jumping boy website. Just have to enjoy and speculate for now. Click the picture to enlarge. This ones a biggie. To see full resolution, right click on it and open in new tab or new window. Enjoy the upclose view :)


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