Saturday, Saturday Nights Alright

August 4, 2012

Ugh, well the morning/afternoon anyways. So its hecka hot out there. So wifes workin today and I'm doing the duties around the house. Got it all picked up and straightened and warshed. Then tackled my studio, got it setup w/ my desk-top drawing board and generaly straigthened got it ready for working efficiency. Doin good. I will be trying it out after a quick lunch. Stay in, stay cool. Or find a pool. Just that kinda friggin day. Will see about doing an original artwork or two this afternoon till the wife gets home, see about selling them. I'm thinking some spiderman, and maybe something sexy... hmm... yeah that sounds fun. But who? We'll see.  They'll post up eventualy, and be 20.00 - 50.00 each. Stay tuned. Either this or jumping boy all day. Dunno. For now, sammich n' Netflix. Takin a lowkey saturday for sure though. Need it.


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