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September 4, 2012

Thank you to clients/customers for your patience in the past month and during the next couple weeks. I have been doing my best to juggle work load with taking the time to care for and run support crew for my wife who is dealing with an ongoing medical struggle. Its been a month of driving her to and from work, making runs and picking up the slack on things she has had trouble doing that she'd normally do; all while enduring the doctor to doctor cycle of meds and idiocy. And work has been my second priority next to that, and personal work has been at the very end of the priority list as evident by unfinished pages of Jumping Boy and so forth. Sure, the every so often i find a moment, or force myself to take a moment to indulge in a daily sketch or something that helps me cope... so sue me. You wouldn't get that much though :) That being said, I have all intentions of completing orders and keep business running as smooth possible. But delays will happen, and time each day to work on things has and will probably continue to be cut short. Whether purely in dealing with it, or tending to it, this difficult time will be causing delays. So it is what it is. I thank you all for your understanding and patience, and though it may take longer to get work to you, I intend to maintain quality as much as possible. I understand to those who might want to cancel their orders, take their money back and go someplace else and there would be minimal hard feelings. But life happens, and I'll still be working hard as I can on orders that remain as I must keep the income going. Also, keep the work coming. I plan on continuing to make this business run, its not going anywhere. Again thanks, and let me know if you want your orders back cause its been too long, and thanks to those willing to wait. ~Eryck


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