Back In Action

October 19, 2012

 Alright, enough drama. EWG is back in action. Putting in at least a 30 hour work week and knocking out orders left and right. The future of EWG looks solid the rest of the year. Heres a break down of the setup as it will be for the next several months. Only offering Character Art, T-shirt Art, Mascot/ Character Design and Logo Design. Prices won't top 100 dollars per each order and any back log will be caught up as well. Come end of the month, November will see the addition of new slot openings for those who enjoy that kind of thing. And with my work space setup proper again and Internet humming along at top-notch speeds, look for the return of Livestream exhibitions. EWG ain't going anywhere. Stay tuned. Pricelist to come by end of next week and if you have an order that hasn't been refunded, its coming atcha no problem. First priority this week will be a couple that have specific deadlines, some album art by the 23rd and a convention cover art by the 29th. Will make it so numba one... engage!
Also enjoy the 'undead' themed artwork showing a zombie version of the EWG mascot for this Halloween season. November will see a Thanksgiving theme and a possible appearance by some ninja turkeys, and December a Christmas theme of course! Even if I can't get a new chapter rolling with Jumping Boy, there will be single-page interludes between chapters to look forward to. Look for one for various important holidays, and when a new idea strikes me. And hopefully in a month or two can get the ol' mythology rolling again. As for Bump On A Log, dunno what I was thinking with the redesign. But there will be a retooling of that as well, and a back to basics with that. Just bump, on his log, floating down the river of life and the crazy hijinx of the creatures and cretins he finds himself surrounded by. But this will be on hold for a while.
Stick around, always something brewin when I'm in the studio.


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