JB Strip 04-05 environment test

November 27, 2012

And finaly updating one more time tonight with the finished background art. All that remains is the characters and lettering and this'll be published later on this week!

Updating after the fact with the finished inks of the background of strip 4 and 5

The 'style' tests:

After the preliminary test sketch I did a couple tests on the actual panel shot, both look very similar but use different approaches. Will most likely go with the bottom one for creating the final look.

The preliminary test sketch for the look/feel I wanted

Took most of today to do non-production related business and other things that needed done. Was a bit burnt out from the work load over turkey-day break. Trying to get the ol' groove runnin smooth again with some prep work on this week's Jumping Boy episode. Playing with stylization on the environment for these pages, middle-of-nowhere-bleak-forest-with-a foot or two of snow-ness. Thats how I can describe it. Where exactly it takes place, I'll leave to readers to interpret. But this time of year, could be almost anywhere. So here are some tests I've done to decide the style of the environment for this week's episode.


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