Weekend updates and announcementifications

December 14, 2012

Just a couple updates for the end of the week here:

  1. Thanks to everyone for the massive success of the Christmas Commission special, I appreciate the enthusiasm and glad everyone found it useful for their art needs :) Its challenging to get all 25 done but I'm whittling away and will have them to everyone by Christmas for sure!
  2. Jumping Boy Webcomic is now only exclusively available on the jumping boy website via http://jumpingboycomic.blogspot.com - subscribe your email (you'll be notified when theres a new post) and/ or RSS feed reader and or follow along on EWG twitter or Facebook to find out when new updates are posted. Mondays are working out great and the weekly adventures of Jumping Boy are due to continue well into the new year!
  3. Yesterday was a massive day in my life, my wife who is going a few rounds with cancer finished her radiation appointments yesterday, and a surprise visit from all her kids and sister are takign priority yesterday/today. I hardly take time off to take it off, so I did and will be today later on as well. I'll see if I can't get some orders processed in the meantime. But Monday I should be able to pick it up alright.
  4. Thanks for your support and for following along on this crazy adventure of self employement I affectionaly refer to as EWG!


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