15 Minute Warmup - Mac Gearwind

January 18, 2013

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This morning's 15 minute warm-up sketch also doubling as a concept study of a character from a certain webcomic I do weekly. This time Mac Gearwind. Or, 'Uncle Mac'.

Mac is owner of Gearwind Aviation based in the outskirts of Washoe County Nevada. Previously he was a fierce competitor in the air racing circuits, in which Reno was a big part of. When he retired from racing he settled near Reno  at his current home, which acts as airfield and mechanic shop for personal aircraft and vintage aviation hobbyists. He still has his one-off GeeBee race plane and keeps it in like-new condition to this day. He can often be seen wearing flipflops instead of shoes, hawaiian shirts with the collar flipped up usually sprouts from the top of his coveralls and he always has his ipod handy loaded with 80s/90s and current indie hiphop. "none of that mainstream crap, its got no message."

Jumping Boy is a weekly webcomic produced by Eryck Webb / EWG, and publishes every Monday.


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