Sketch - Warm Up Sketching

January 20, 2013

Just part of the ol' discipline. Doing some sketching tonight, keeping the hand in fighting form. This time of a concept design of a possible Jumping Boy character, named (no pun intended... but sure, why not) Sketch. I'm realizing though as far as this sketch is concerned he looks a bit too much like Marshal. But will see.
New Jumping Boy set to post Monday morning! Only at

The problem is, the background behind this guy is a case where the supporting character might risk being more interesting than the main character. Hmm...

He's a city boy, graffiti artist and fills endless sketchbooks. He's got trouble at home so he keeps himself in top form with free running and escaping and expressing himself with his art. 
He's a big admirer of Jumping Boy, sees nothing but inspiration for his own troubles from "the guy who reaches for the sky, and teaches us all to look up". 
Anywho theres more to him than I want to reveal this early but for now, heres some sketchy sketchy!


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