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February 28, 2013

5-10 min warmup ballpoint
pen JumpingBoy with some
Pitt Pen brush forsome grays
Sometimes, when I feel like I'm movin slow, theres nothin like breaking out my drawing board and putting away the stylus for a ballpoint pen. In this case, the smooth quick fluidity of a BIC ballpoint pen. Actualy no this was sort of like it but a staples brand one. Anyways. I almost forgot how much I love drawing with ballpoint pen. Theres no better way to speed up your rendering then with a utensil you cant erase. One of my forgotten loves was when I draw with a ballpoint pen and the tip starts getting heated up and you can smell the ink. Brings back memories of doodling in my dads office or in my moms art dept studio. Much of lake michigan blues was 'penciled' in this way, and I believe, I shall incorporate it again. Allows me to work small (comic dimensions but on 8.5x11 size) and keep it simple and focus on the important elements and it just goes quicker, then i cna scan and tweak things and ink! If you practice enough you can draw lightly with it as well and then go over it darker like a pencil. Only its smoother and i just like the way it flows across paper better. Gotta say I'm excited to be working on my ol' trusty white desk-top drawing board again. Setup infront of my monitors so I can use them for visual reference/ glancing at the script. ANYWHO. Will be working like this for a while to be sure.

Also... thinking, because of the growing popularity of comic size format for my commissions that I might just start doing them 11x17 all the time, and people can print them to fit 8.5x11 if they want. Dunno, whaddya think?


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