Comic Wa? Comic Hu?

February 27, 2013

Sorry to say the wife isn't getting out of the hospital today. Shes doing really good though, but she had some issues that the doctors were not comfortable letting her leave with.
So I'm assisting with some things she needed me to check on this morning. And taking care of some errands needed done. Will seemingly have them wrapped up about noon here and then will spend all afternoon/ evening on comic page commissions.

I remember a time when I was trying to phase out comic page commissions cause how much work they are, and due to general stresses and stuff at the time was not enjoying them a lot. But I've gotten better at them, especialy with my weekly "training" on jumping boy... which often is experimental or just freestyling and I always save my best quality/production for the comc work that makes money. But ANYWHO, suddenly I find myself with all the comic page commission work I can handle. Which is great! But a little intimidating. Time to put on some rocky theme music and knock those intimidating obstacles OUT! Heres a cool deadpool piece I did lastnight, still waiting for the official 'yay' from the client to finish up in color etc or if they need any changes. But I'm diggin it pretty hard. Yay for foreshortened stuby legs! haha.

Look forward to starting work on Ungrounded comic in the next week, will be awesome.


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