Nose To The Grindstone

February 28, 2013

Well, pretty much my only update for today, the low down and skinny of things right now. Gotta keep it brief got lots to do today/ tomorrow, but I want to throw out a couple updates.

First off sad to say the wife is still in the hospital, but now that they've got the chemo symptoms and the blood levels all where they should be and she was still having issues they finally got some blood test results back indicating she has some sort of infection, which I'm assuming is like a sinus/ or cold infection. So they're hooking her up with antibiotics today. Ah well... I know shes in good hands and she'll be home soon. I just make sure to call her often. And her mom is with her at least shes not by herself.

Second, I am officially no longer actively seeking out new commissions at this time. A big comic project has been green-lighted and I am happy to concentrate the full extent of my creative powers on its epicness. So for the next two months, Ungrounded will be my main project, and I'll be finishing up pending orders around it. Jumping boy of course will be last priority but will try to keep it once a week as usual. Chapter 3 might see it going black and white for a while. Can always update with color later. But I'd like to keep the story going. Only if I have time. Otherwise I will still be pacing my workout on Ungrounded and can occasionally work other orders in around it. But I'm going to stick to more relaxing- character art stuff around it nothing bigger. Perhaps it will be slot-only for a while. But I am willing to consider any commission requests, just email me. But I will have to pick and choose them more carefully.

March will see the second fundraiser in an effort to offset the cost of my wife's chemo treatments and also any other medical bills I can put it towards. There was a lot of pros and cons about the first one in February and I will take those notes and do it a little better this time. That is the goal anyways. It'll be similar but stay tuned for me to hammer out various details/ rules for it. I'm also toying with the idea of making it an all day thing not just at night to accommodate all time-zones and give myself more time to do them. There may also be a change in ordering etc. But I will figure all this out closer to time. Thanks in advance for those who are looking forward to it. The last one was a lot of fun and quite a challenge. But the support I got was amazing and super appreciated!

Alright. Lots of work to do, going to try to pace myself with a timer and knock out the to-do's one by one! Have a great end to the week everybody. And keep the thoughts and prayers pointed at my wife, she needs all she can get :)


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