Changes (Improvements) To Jumping Boy!

March 26, 2013

New JUMPING BOY out today! Now Tues and Thurs feature a new installment of this ongoing webcomic series! I hope readers enjoy the more frequent updates to the series. I will enjoy getting more storytelling under my belt! The current process is fully penciling them over the weekend or ahead of time if I get my daily to-dos done and letter them as well at those times. Then every Tues and Thurs morning, I do my morning warmup by inking and gray shading that day's comic. Worked good this morning and I think it'll continue to.
So check out this comic every Tuesday Thursday as of today, as well as the tweaked site design to accomodate this change!

Then Mon/Wed/Fri etc probably do my normal warmup free-draw. After this two chapter story of how it all began, I get to JUMP head first into the awesome stuff. So stick around, and enjoy! And as always, critique, review and comment is always welcome! Anywhere on the jumping boy posts is fine. Let me know how I'm doing!

Can read this comic at Deviant Art:
And at its preferred location Jumping Boy website

I recommend the main website, as it features full archive, easy page by page navigation and more.

Alright, a quick stop for lunch than onto more work rest of the day!


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