Good Morning Vietnam!

March 8, 2013

Lace your boots, strap down your head gear, time to to go battle and show these vietcommish's what for!
The hospital was nice, but now I'm back, itching to get to work and got a whole list of to-dos in front of me. Go time!

Lastnight, I took some time for myself. Got back into the art groove by doing finishing Monday's JumpingBoy - kicking off chapter 3. Pretty pleased with the story telling on this one IMHO!

Got lots to do, but will not have a lot to show except the occasional individual commission order. Ah hell, if I am loving on a panel of a comic job I might share just to wet the ol' appetites. But for now, look for regular posts regarding web finds and my warmups.

Dont know when the next livestream session will be. Will figure out an event or session of some kind to do soon.

Also, during my week at the hospital keeping my wife company I figured out how to do a twitter-based livestream from the cam on my kindle fire tablet. well somebody came out checked it out, thanks to that 1 viewer. but it was awkward to hold and draw at the same time so i discontinued. i did however try to hold the first impromptu 'EWG DrawJam 1' which I thought went very well as far as me holding it and posting and what not but I was sad to see NOBODY else participated. Will have to try again sometime soon get more of you fellow artists out there joining in. But I digress...

Nose to the grind stone, tunes on 11 with the knob broken off! Will probably work over the weekend to make up a bit for the week.

Hard to explain. Going a week without being near the desktop/ my wacom/ stylus ... there was a grounded sublime feeling. Being back, holding the stylus in my hand and just whipping along on my computer again feels like flying, like grabbing those goggles that empower you and taking off!


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