This week's JUMPING BOYs are up and ready to read!

March 28, 2013

This week's new schedule for Jumping Boy is complete. Tuesday and Thursday's additions to the ongoing series have been posted! Will be taking notes on traffic from Tuesday versus today, and comparing it to the previous posting format. But beyond the cold statistic, would be very much interested to hear real-human feedback on thoughts/ feelings about the previous once every Monday versus twice every Tuesday and Thursday. On some of the new website enhancements and more. Also anything regarding the story telling and approach is fine too. Let me know how I'm doing. Maybe somebody out there subscribes to a lot of webcomics and I'm not aware of something I'm not doing as well as I could be. Who knows? Comment here, or on any other site related to JumpingBoy or Eryck Webb. And thanks in advance!

Go read Ch3 Page 2 and Page 3 at either or - and see you next Tues and Thurs for another! (Unless of course theres resounding hatred of the current format or something...)


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