Wrappin Up The Week, Time To Visit The Wife

March 1, 2013

Will be wrapping up a few lingering job items today and then head to a 3 night stay at the luxury suite in Shady Side Hospital for the weekend. Just kidding on the luxury suite, its just a normal hospital room. But i do really dig the view of the city buildings and things out the big window. And it has a big comfy recliner and some room. Have printed out a nice stack of low opacity layouts for me to do some finished pencils over, so I can get ahead of the game, or catch up on the game (however you look at it) over the weekend. That and my Kindle Fire tablet will keep me occupied. Its got winamp for listening to my favorite shoutcast stations, some games to play with the wife and internet/ email access. So I'll bring that, some art supplies and draw up stuffz.

One thing I'll also be drawing on will be JumpingBoy for Monday. Chapter 3 kicks off then. Yes, it'll still be every Monday and yes full color :) But it isn't going to start off like you might think. Thank you to the regular readers and people just now discovering my lil' webcomic adventure. Things will just get more fun and more interesting as it goes, so hope you'll stay tuned for the ride.

My wife isn't doing that hot right now, but I'm hoping shes recovering from whatever shes sick with (besides chemo and cancer) and get it leveled out so she can have a full week or two at home before she has to do her next chemo in mid march. but I've slowly gotten more and more run down this week worrying about her so I'll be more than happy to relieve her mom for the weekend and spend time with my wife. I miss her terribly. Even if she just sleeps the whole time or is dealin with this or that, no problem. The dude abides. I'll bring stuff to do, I'll definitly try to nap some myself and when she feels like opening her eyes and lookin over I'll be there :)

Least till Monday then its back to the grind. I also posted up this mornings warmup I did of Afro Samurai... finished the 5 episode mini series and been watching the movie. The movie is really cool takes it up a notch in many ways, and was excited to see his grey haired friend back. Hes definitly either a figment of his imagination or a spirit. But hes funny. Glad hes back. Alright, got a few things to wrap up today before spending the weekend with the wifey. But basicaly I'll be there till Monday and not near my computer so all the art I'm doing will be on paper or in sketchbook. Will be able to answer emails/ messages though so keep me in the loop if anybody needs me for anything.

Talk at ya next week, have a great Friday and see you Monday for some jumping.


  1. Chickfighter said...:

    I hope your weekend includes some quality moments with your wide! :)

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