Jumping Boy Looking For Guest Comics

April 23, 2013

Jumping Boy is looking for guest comics. Chapter 3 ends soon and will be doing weekly single page strips for a while till chapter 4 comes out and am looking for interested parties who would like to do a one page guest strip.

I do not make money off of Jumping Boy, and infact often times it looses me money by cutting into work time so I can not offer money for guest strips at this point. But I promise to promote the hell out of it as i do everytime a new page posts, and it'll be posted/ advertised across EWG network of sites and the jumping boy DA and main websites and my twitter.

Any interested parties please step forward!

Submit a completed page or feel free to run an idea by me ahead of time. Must contain JumpingBoy characters and universe as so far established, but also feel free to elaborate outside the realm. Note any characters you create specifically for this will most likely not be incorporated into normal continuity.

Would love to see one by the boys and girls of comic art alliance or all tooned up art groups or any of you DA fellows!

The cut off for accepting new pages will be June 15th. Single strips are running between May 2nd and July 4th. Chapter 4th starts in July.

Let me know, contact me at eryckwebb3@yahoo.com


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