Jumping Boy Scratch - Morning Warmup

April 26, 2013

Here's a new one for the sketchbook department. This morning I've been feeling the toll of a long week and a long month of work, was having trouble getting into the groove. Then I realized its been a while since I done any morning warm-ups to start the day. Needless to say, always a great way to have some fun drawing, do whatever I feel like and experiment stay loose and not worry about perfection by any means. Well I did that here. My first thought was to just sketch Jumping Boy, and maybe just sketch different future scenes that are coming and stuff and then it led to just drawing characters I don't get to draw nearly enough either cause of the continuity not at that point yet or haven't gotten a chance to draw them very much yet. Some are just images I had in mind and conceptual stuff for future stories. Of course I tightened up a couple I really like. Did all this within 30 minutes exactly. Was a fun sketch and shows how much can happen in 30 minutes I guess! Anyways we got Ace Jumper, Jumping Boy and a mysterious fellow above them. Some action on the right with JB jumping through the sky alongside a smoking plane ... and a sketch or two around that including JB waving to a stranded cat on a telephone pole. Who knows, alrighty. Client work time, I feel good and loosened up. Time for a pitstop or two then right back to drawin other stuff. I apologize to chickfighter, nick nitro and other folks who are still waiting for their orders. I believe my 'one man show' is untucked and showing lately. Got a lotta life stuff that can be distracting sometimes too. Nothing is slipping through the cracks. And your jobs are important to me. I will make them awesome rather than rush them. And I will get them done. 


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