Jumping Boy Announcement on Free Comic Book Day

May 4, 2013

Well, guess I missed the bus on this one. But I thought it might be appropriate to announce on Free Comic Book Day the official 'press-release' of something to come.

As of May 4th, 2013 the planning of a print-run of Jumping Boy has officially started, with some preliminary cover designs underway and the plan to release official Jumping Boy issues, via a print-on-demand vendor.

As this is definitely going to happen but details on production and the overall final product may get tweaked along the way, I am VERY interested to hear feedback and thoughts on this.

Needless to say I am thrilled to get this together and make it happen, and it will happen. It will also be see the official launch of the EWG comic related imprint as an official EWG produced item.

For now I'm planning on a full color cover, a promotional ad inside the book, around 24 pages of story ( 2 chapters per issue ) in gray-scale and maybe a few extra 'concept' sketchbook or character profile items per book.

Clients are assured, as always this production like the comic itself is reserved for weekend/ personal time and not to cut into client work time by any means.

Thanks, have a great Free Comic book day, support your local comic shops by going out and grabbin up some free comics, spread the word, get somebody who has never read a comic a copy or two. Thats the point behind today after all. Look forward to Jumping Boy in print soon, till then. As always it can be read on http://jumpingboycomic.blogspot.com


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