Livestream fixed - Re-Coded n Re-Go

May 25, 2013

Alright, this morning I took a few to repair the code for this site's Livestream and chat windows. Hopefully it'll work better for people! It seemed to be starting to get problematic last-night when I was trying to stream some proofs with a client or two and several people mentioned issues. I'm sure in one hand it could be there end, but it was giving me problems as well. Perhaps it just needed updating. I've run it through a couple laps and seems to be driving good. Feedback encouraged for anybody wanna try it out report their end (comments can be made below or on the Livestream page)

Thanks! See you all for EWG Live Wednesday this week! Also Sunday will be doing this week's Jumping Boy live as well, stay tuned to EWG Twitter or Facebook for notice of when that's going live. Will be late afternoon Sunday most likely.

Check'er out -


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