Mac Gearwind - Warmup Sketch

May 12, 2013

Heres a 30 min sketch I did up in Photoshop before getting back to work this afternoon, of my OC 'Mac Gearwind' the handy man with a plan, and appointed parental unit of Billy Hopson, AKA JumpingBoy. Don't underestimate this dude... when the need arises, he can be scrappy in ways you not even aware of yet.

Aesthetically I just love drawing him... he oozes bad ass from a bygone era. Alrighty, onto client work today. Got lots more pages to work on today!

This piece uses a 25% black background layer with a calligraphic (angled) brush tool in black and white at various points with the opacity and size settings set to 'stylus'. So how hard I pressed created how opaque or how transparent it was, as well as the size of the stroke. Fun sketching like this. Guess I've done quite a few in this style at this point. Always free-form and fun.

Don't forget a brand new Jumping Boy post on Wednesday at - also if you LIKE JumpingBoy on facebook, you'll get behind the scenes concept sketches, factoids and announcements of new posts and releases. Anywho! Fun warmup sketch. Back to work! Got lots of work to do before the work week begins!


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