Post Memorial Day Report - Several Topics Covered

May 29, 2013

An overall update on this steamy Wednesday to all the EWG keeper-uppers out there. Today is a crazy day with lots of little points to be made. But heres the short version in a couple highlighted notes a-la this note section of the site.

Had a wonderful Memorial Day... threw a last minute cookout with me the wife and her mom and dad. Got her Grandma over for a burger as well. I hadn't grilled in a year so the first time I got them all still kinda raw so i took them back out and got them cooked up better. Now I know what I did wrong and will have it figured out the next grilling session. We ate up great cookout food and then played several fun rounds of Flinch. If you haven't played that. Play it. Was a much needed 'time off' session even if I did work half the day. Hope you all had good Memorial Days too. Heres to a great summer.

Jumping Boy saw a new addition over at the webcomic's website in the form of a profile section that will grow over time featuring a look at the form and details of all the major players in this unfolding story. Kicking off this section naturaly is Jumping boy himself. Hop over and check it out.

Happy to report EWG's production spool is all caught up and anybody still waiting will see their orders or proofs coming at them this week and next week and EWG will again be launching its pricelist and accepting more work officially. (Was accepting work before if approached but wasn't actively seeking it out). Maybe re-launch the order status chart.

Ungrounded is getting all caught up this week and the production continues with 20 or so pages under the belt already! The stories been a lot of fun to work on so I'm hoping that translates into more fun for the readers at the end result. I don't see why it wouldn't!

Tonight will be the weekly EWG Live Wednesday, featuring a large commission that I have a lotta love for, a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed piece for the client's granddaughter whose likeness is also featured in the pice. Will have a simple background styled directly from the show as well. Will be a lotta fun. I invite all art makers, comic art collectors and process stalkers to come out, hang, talk in the chat and listen to some tunes. Will kick off at 7pmEST and go until finished! As always I try to converse in reply to anything directed at me or catching my interest in the chat but if I don't its just cause I zoned into the art.

The wife is in for her 2nd to last chemo treatment as of this morning, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers! She did so good last time she came home a day early, lets hope for that again this time :)

Its a hot one out but I've got the soup-wave licked by keeping the house closed up, syphoning air from the cold basement up with a couuple fans and having my fan on in my workspace here. Its staying dry and I'm not sweating too much so whats not to like. We'lls ee how it holds up tomorrow and Friday haha. Come on cold front!

Alright thats it... plugging away! And as always thanks for your support wherever you follow EWG's exploits and thanks in advance for your continued support and feedback. Have a great rest of the week and see you tonight right here (by clicking EWG Livestream on the featured menu at right) for some live art!


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