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May 15, 2013

Heres a preview of this week's Jumping Boy - will come out later today

Well, its Wednesday, the ol' hump-dee-hump of the week. Also a big day weekly in EWG land. This morning I was working on JumpingBoy before work but did not get it done. Will finish it up later this afternoon after getting my to-dos done today. Will also be looking forward to tonight's Livestream session, starting at 8pm featuring a full body character art with full background and full color depiction of a very cool super hero original character that's right up my alley. His look/ etc is somewhere along the lines of Generator Rex and Jumping Boy so I'm excited to be commissioned to work on it. Today I will be doing pencils on Ungrounded pages and hopefully inks finished up as well. Thursday will be finishing up lingering comic jobs all day and inks on a GoBabylon poster, then Friday coloring and finishing like a madman all current Ungrounded to-do's  Busy busy but whittling down that list. I take new orders ahead of time so anybody looking for character art, design or tshirt graphics let me know, will hook you up. The pricelist and order tracking is under construction. Look for more improved designs on those soon and in the meantime can just email me for any quotes or ordering. Thank you!

As a side note, my Livestream sessions have seen everything from hiphop, rock, metal to electronica and everything in between. What do regular viewers like the most during the sessions? Willing to consider all input on this. I ultimately play whatever helps set the mood/ inspiration on a given night but also would like to know what may appeal more to the audience when I'm trying to pick those sorts of playlists.


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