2 Bonus Slots Moved up to Friday Night Livestream

August 23, 2013

BONUS! 2 Slots Slated for this morning and tomorrow mornings upgraded to Livestream set for tonight 8pmEST, allowing 2 hours for the first one and 2 hours for the second one (tentatively 10pmEST)

Main reason is I have had a rough morning just didn't sleep well but will be ready to go by tonight's Livestream! And that way I won't have to work on the weekend either (except Jumping Boy of course). And I'm sure the clients won't mind their orders, originally not meant to be streamed at all to be upgraded a bit :) Refer to the recap of Wednesday's, 'EWG Live Wed' to see what to expect.

-8pmEST - Haseoblack's 'Heavy Metal Bunny' companion to the rapper bunny

-10pmEST - CandyGirl, niece of MeatMan! 

See the clients who ordered them and live art enthusiasts out tonight at 8pmEST! Hope to see a good crowd one mo' time before the weekend!


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