Fuel My Fire - Morning Warmup n Notes

August 9, 2013

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Digging this morning's warmup, featuring my original character 'Jumping Boy' or 'Billy Hopson' with a lil' firey aura about him. Anywho felt like doin a warmup sketch this morning to get in the groove and opened up ArtWeaver4 and just went to town. Reaaally growing on me as a drawing program. Felt more like working and experimenting with different traditional tools cause of its extensive art brushes markers and pencils and other materials that are emulated to be like real life textures and control. Very cool. Compared to gimp and sumo paint and other ones ArtWeaver is the most intuitive and natural to use for somebody coming from photoshop and with what I'm used to on my PS workflows ArtWeaver comes along naturaly especialy on keyboard shortcuts mid working. Theres a few things like lack of pen tool and some stoneage components like the selection/ transform and the layer controls but its all very light and runs really well. I like how its very stream line and doesn't hog up memory/ ram and for the most part runs relaly fast and doesn't bog down. So, will probably sketch in it more if not just from the ease of 'jump in and get sketchin and lots of tools in the ol' tool box to play with'. Good stuff. 

Alright off to get some work done today, will probably be working a couple hours tomorrow just to stay caught up and then don't forget about a new Jumping Boy episode next Monday!

See ya


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