Jumping Boy Ch4.Pg6 Process Breakdown

August 19, 2013

 Hello, wanted to showcase the process of last week's page from Jumping Boy, my weekly webcomic. Here we see me enlarging and breaking up the panels of my original thumbnail scanned from my sketchbook:
Next I relayout the page for a more finalized composition, loose and simple, in this stage I letter the entire page and ajust placement of the layout of each panel to coexist with the balloons better.

Then I did 'tight sketch defining things like hands faces, objects and forms and even mapped out where shadows will fall. At this point the lettering has already been done and just concentrating on finalizing the art

The pencils can be articulated, finished out more at this point but I chose to ink straight over what there was, which can be fun sometimes too. Leaves a little more creativity and 'freedom' in the inks. So I started with the backgrounds, going for a urban/ downtown mexico backstreets look. Refering to a couple photos but allowing it to be mostly fictional for my purposes:

After The backgrounds were done, I merge them all on one lineart layer and put a layer mask. Then I ink/blackfill the characters and their elements like kicking up dust and motion lines they might have. Then use the layer mask on the background to cut out the background and make the characters/ bg all unified. Then gray shade overtop everything all together. Being careful to use the grays to push focus of the reader towards the important points farther than the black areas have already started to do. And here you have the finished page:

Alright, well theres a quick look at process on a Jumping boy page. Read the finished page and the new one that came out this morning over at the webcomic homepage: http://jumpingboycomic.blogspot.com and be sure to follow it on facebook! Thanks for checking this out. Have a great Monday and an even better week!


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