Sessions - Alien Girl

November 7, 2013

Welcome to the first in the EWG 'Sessions' series. You'll notice a new 'Sessions' option in the art menu on this site. Each post will contain start-to-finish art lesson for practice and learning. Copy each session exactly as you see it but while doing so try to think about why lines are in places and the shape/ contours they are following. For this premier, will upload 2 sessions. First this one and then in a short bit 02! Enjoy! And remember Draw every day. Repetition is underrated!

01 - Defining the three dimensional shape and adding in guidelines of where the brow/eyes would be, and relationship of the cheeks ears and nose.

02 - For part 2, I draw over the previous lines in black but you don't necessarily have to. Underlying steps will be in orange as it progresses. This may seem like a lot was done, but all I did was follow the previous guide lines curves and dimensions to make a creature design. The shape of the head is followed but drawn to a point outside the lines the ear is incorporated into a spiral shape that extends down to the cheeks and other elements are added on. Still observe how most follow or are referencing the underlying structure. Could stop there but will do another step tomorrow. Please let me know if this is helpful at all or anything else you want to give feedback about.

03 - Finally part 3 of this session I've turned the black lines from step 2 orange so you can see only the areas I've added on this step. But no your practice version your working on it should all be same color (Unless you want to do different colors for some reason that's up to you but I recommend using the same tool for all steps) - I basically went in, filled in things that should be black like her eyes, and added some girly hair and also enhanced areas with more black that maybe would be an area where light wouldn't hit as well or to define that there's a hard edge on something. Well that does it for this step.

The final version, you can add in some gray shades to play off the blacks added in step 3 will do a session on gray shades at a later time. This 'Alien Girl' session allows you to work in any medium, with or without layers if you wish. Will do more complicated ones later on. 

Thanks for trying this out let me know what did or didn't like what you want to see in future sessions!


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