Jumping Boy Has Returned In Full Form

January 20, 2014

Its finaly here. The mid-season premier of Jumping Boy! Also acompanying the new page is the news that the comic will post Mondays and Thursdays since its got a decent cache of pages stored up.

You might ask, 'why not post them all then, more to read at once?' - because that way its at a manageable pace where i can keep the posting consistent and also gives me time to work on new ones. The story is all mapped out well into the summer, stay tuned for the fun, the adventure and the revelations! Time to lay down some serious mythology here folks!

Read the ongoing comic series here: http://jumpingboycomic.blogspot.com

Jumping Boy is an original web-comic by Eryck Webb started in July 2012 and follows the continuing life and adventures of Billy Hopson; whom accidentally acquires a set of superpower endowing aviator goggles. From the moment he first puts them on he doesn't ask the important questions, like where did they come from and why do they even exist? He enjoys the freedoms and thrills they bestow without any mind to the consequences. Little does he know his exploits are gathering more and more unwanted attention...


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