Concept Art Warmup - Javelin unbound

February 25, 2014

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Concept art is the basis of my warmup this morning. Getting this scene/ image down on 'paper' so to speak. When I write comics/ stories I tend to have specific scenes in my head that I get really excited for and then just have to figure out how to bridge the story from one of them to the next. This is a very powerful and definitive scene I have in my mind for Jumping Boy down the road - what its all leading up to (well one of many). So, I hope its not a spoiler by any means... just a sign of things to look forward to, and will probably raise more questions/ theories than anything. So yeah.

I know jumping boy struggles in quality due to my limited time to work on it and it being spread out week to week so often it may seem incoherent or random. But it all goes together with one big master plan in mind. Just gotta cut out the fat and stick to the heart of the story. I'm also learning character writing and story telling along the way, so I'm hoping it will only improve with time. 

Thanks to those who enjoy the story each week. Its only getting started, we're stilli n the 'jumping boy finding himself' arc now. Theres sooo much I have to wait patiently to get to.

Jumping Boy is a weekly webcomic series written and drawn by Eryck Webb


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