Jumping Boy Migrating

February 27, 2014

(Will take another week or two to get all the links fixed - please bare with the transition)

I want to officially release and announce this morning the migration of Jumping Boy to the EWG website. The overall plan, thought about and brainstormed over the last month ( but considered for much longer ) is to house everything 'Eryck Webb' under one roof. And when the time comes to produce ebooks and or printed books have it all under the EWG label. The better traffic and exposure at eryckwebbgraphics.com over any other sister page can't be ignored. So I believe intellectual properties like Jumping Boy, Run Of The Mill, Bump On A Log and any other original Eryck Webb creations can only benefit from being here where theres a constant stream of traffic and activity from EWG fans and clients. The other page often wandered along in obscurity getting little if no attention over the past two years.

While Jumping Boy's migration will ultimately be a gradual process through February to get it all setup properly, thank you for your patience with the crazy links and confusion while it is under construction. All the pages are live on EWG if you click 'Jumping Boy Comic' in the menu on right - which will bring up an archive of all the pages - however the links navigate to the old JumpingBoy page currently. All that is left on the migration is to fix all the links which'll just take a week or so and eventually will setup proper navigation to the comic from the main menu. 

Integrating Jumping Boy into the whole of EWG seems to be a natural move at this point and can only help improve the comic and overall EWG brand.

Please feel free to give ideas, suggestions, complaints and other feedback in the comments below. And thanks for your patience while I get it all setup on this site!


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