Invisible Woman - Joins Cobra

March 12, 2014

Susan Storm has defected! This was a full color over inks commission with min/no background with free reign on designing her if she joined Cobra. GIJoe won't see her coming! (get it, invisibliity?)
I think she came out looking like Kelly Riba (that how you spell her name?) not intentionaly but... Always enjoy these 'design on a whim' commissions. The difference between something like this and paying for the design is when you pay for it, you pay for a couple hours for me to really research ideas and really experiment push the design as many ways as I possibly can so that in the end, you are getting the best possible result out of all the varieties and exploration.
My overall intention is to post finished works on the EWG website mainly. And once a week pick a fav/ best work to put on Deviant Art gallery. I will also remove a old work and hopefuly eventualy end up with a gallery of bests on Deviant Art.
At some point it will happen, that EWG website will have a full blown gallery of thumbnails and works to enlarge and browse through, but I am currently researching/ studying on how to code that. I'd love if I could devize a code or widget that would pull all the thumbnails from 'CLIENT ART' section and put them as one big mozaic gallery on one page, then when you click one, it takes you to a page like this where you can read the notes and see the full size art. This is my goal.
Also unrelated I'm looking into a better format for posting and reading my webcomics. Jumping Boy is not the first and will not be the last. When it eventualy concludes I got other stories I want to lay down and this website will be the home of them all. I just want to find a better way to present them then currently setup on this site. All goals down the line... thanks for checking out this art!


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