Eryck Webb Graphics Presents a Jumping Boy Special for Free Comic Book Day

April 17, 2014

 The new cover art for this special release, sans some final lettering on the lower part of the cover!

Illustrated and designed on tonights 'Thursday Night Livestream' demo, the finished cover art for EWG's contribution to Free Comic Book Day! The final type and content is not necessarily set in stone but the premise is to contribute a 'reprint' of an Jumping Boy story and perhaps some other content in a free comic offered on May 3rd during Free Comic Book Day. To join in the nationaly honored day, I thought it would be most appropriate, being that all EWG work is currently digital, to offer the comic as a free digital download. It will be PDF format complete book, cover to cover, but digital! Ideal for viewing on your computer, smartphone or tablet! I gotta say, if you haven't read my webcomic on a tablet or smartphone screen, your missing out. It makes the reading panel row by panel row perfect and the art nice and condensed and crisp! ANYWHO!
Happy and very eager to participate in the movement to promote comics and reading in youngsters and adults alike that may not have ever tried reading comics. Promotes comics, as well as reading :) 
So - happy to do this digital 'ashcan' of sorts and also kickoff the first in hopefuly a lot more to come of the EWG Comics area of my business and creative pursuits!
Thanks for those who came out to see the artwork happen! Was a lot of fun going all out in the style I use for clients, but on something for myself! Eventualy this might get turned into cover art for chapter one on the webcomic as well. 
Enjoy! And stay tuned for the release. This will be free on May 3rd but a 5.00 digital download after the fact. Upon purchase for $0 dollars purchaser will be emailed their free comic!
Thought about doing a free print run in limited number but its not FREE if you have to pay for shipping, and I really cant afford to ship free comics to everyone.
So, what do you think! Excited to participate this year! Look forward to feedback ideas thoughts requests.


  1. cory matthews said...:

    I think this is super badass. I cant wait. It will be the only FCBD comic that I pick up

  1. Eryck Webb said...:

    thanks man! appreciate the support! it will be fun to participate this yearz. and also a fun way for folks to 'own' a lil' EWG originalness

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