Throw Back - Prodigy Comic - 2005

April 17, 2014

Also as a bonus for #throwbackthursday #tbt Check out this oldy from around 2004/2005 - a canned personal comic project called 'Prodigy: Child Wonder or Weapon Of Mass Destruction?' - but those who pay attention to my Jumping Boy comic will see these two characters brought back to life in Jumping Boy. You've seen the shady scientist dood a couple chapters back at the ol' badguy headquarters, and the girl appeared in chapter 1 - the scientist dood shows up again in the next chapter or so - and she'll show up later on. - theres your trivia for the day. i used to think this page was sooo cool and like something new that ya never see. well lookin back its not drawn as good as i thought but love some of the energy and sequences still - enjoy this small 'clip' of the ol' comic that took up most of my free time in my junior year of college haha

Also should note - at the time, my photoshop coloring process was horribly juvenile and took 5x longer than what i do now. but i do like the end result somewhat. 

AND everything was penciled/inked on 11x17 paper traditionaly!


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