Jumping Boy FCBD Edition - May 3rd only!

May 2, 2014

Welcome to EWG's own contribution to Free Comic Book Day! We're happy to be joining in the promotion and celebration of comic books as a medium. And though we aren't really able to support the 'visit your local comic shop' side of the experience, we can definitely join in in our own unique way. EWG is a digital art production based business and what better way to get in on the special day than with a digital download comic! Click the icon below or right click and save to get the special Free Comic Book Day edition Jumping Boy comic! Reads perfectly in your computer, smart phone or tablet PDF readers!
Share the link, the pdf, spread the word! Who knows maybe this -with your help- will get some new reader interested in comics or an old reader who hasn't picked one up in years back in to the medium!


Jumping Boy FCBD Edition Digital Download!
Color Cover/ Black and White Interior / 20 pgs/ PDF - 8MB file
1. Click to view and save download to your computer or device
2. Right click and save to your computer or device
Only available Free on Free Comic Book Day! (Saturday May 3rd)

Thanks so much yo everyone who has downloaded the 2014 free jumping boy comic!


  1. Stephany Lein said...:

    I skimmed it because I gotta run out the door, but it looks absolutely fantastic, Eryck :) The work you poured into it really shows. Well done :) I'll read it to my son tonight!

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