Midweek Update and Noteables

May 14, 2014

Thats it for today, got lots of Mascot design done and logo design done. I partitioned off the morning for this week's Jumping Boy page as I usualy do once a week. But still got a hefty load of design work done this afternoon. Just a few news updates to report:
1. There will not be a Thursday Night Livestream tomorrow night. More and more just tryint to use evenings for time off unless I'm really itching to get ahead or caught up on work. But I invite everybody out around 8amEST tomorrow for a morning livestream. Will be penciling two 'Knightstalker' pages' layout/ rough and finished pencils (finished enough to ink from). And will attempt to get them penciled by Noon/1.
2. In other news, will be updating the Order Tracking to better reflect the design commissions I've been getting more of lately. Pencil, ink and colors don't really apply. So will be adding items like Design, Final Draft and Bundling. Proofing inbetween steps is assumed. Also a rare item 'Edits' will be used when a job is assumed complete and a client comes back with last minute final color changes or tweaks that I have to do to the finished work.
3. Next week will feature a new Livestream Sketch Request Night for May. Stay tuned for price and offerings. Last one was a lot of fun and look forward to doing another. 4 hour livestream session featuring one-off black and white digital sketches of whatever character/ style you want. Whimsicle depictions and free-reign in the creativity department can be expected.
4. For those waiting on proofs or those still waiting for email replies, I appreciate the patience. This business sees seasons of nothing nothing nothing and then BOOM wheres an extra employee when you need one. My one man show ocassionaly shows but give a week or two i'll be all caught up. Thanks for the patience. My wife Kristina helps out with the order tracking and invoicing and keeps me set straight ahead drawing so between the two of us we'll keep our heads above water no problem. In the end I continue to be greatful for the support and business of clients who keep the work coming :)

So see folks out for an early comic drawing session tomorrow and next week for the Live Commission Request night (gotta find a shorter name) - stay tuend for date/ time/ info. Will try to get that out by Monday.


  1. EctoMaster said...:

    bah! going to miss out on the livestream sketch! i won't be in town..or state...or country! ><

  1. Eryck Webb said...:

    Its all good man. I know you would if ya could! Have a great trip

  1. EctoMaster said...:

    I will! Wishin i could be there...woulda been nice to get the chibi's of myself and my buddy XD

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