EWG Update First Week Of June

June 2, 2014

 This week is the first week of June (already? its summer!? wow!). With that comes a bit of a busy season for EWG in this spring/summer period. This is one of the more important reasons that production on various orders is done one step at a time. The 4 week turnaround allows 3 weeks for the 3 main steps of each job and an extra week for some flexibility. So most orders will be about 3 weeks but depending on unforeseen delays, life events or just underestimating the complexity of a particular order, there's an extra week. I keep records of all the jobs and on the same spread sheet mark when the job is due. Exactly 4 weeks from the date that invoice payment is received and materials are received. Why am I telling you all of this? Well the queue is a bit weighed down now but each week one job might just need inked while another might need penciled or designed while another might just need colors. Except for special circumstances like a short week (last week) every client who currently has an order will get a proof of one kind or another. The way I schedule my roster for the week I spend a little time on each job at least if not finishing them then getting a new proof out to the client.
This is not a perfect system though, and sometimes some need pushed back to the following week. I book commissions ahead of time to keep the work consistent and the income from having gaps.
Some jobs will sit for a week before started, some will be started right away. Really depends.
That being said, here are some important notes/ bullet points for this month's EWG Update:
-I currently have all the comic work I can handle so that service options is closed for now.

-This week will see production resume its usual pace, and also will feature a Thursday Night Livestream to get some extra single character art done and allow clients/ fans to see work production live, interact with me in real time which doesn't get to happen often.
-There will also be a June Live Sketch Night somewhere in the middle of the month. Stay tuned for that. 

-The price list is being redesigned to be easier on the eyes and easier for new / returning clients to understand for now just email eryckwebb3@yahoo.com for quotes and will get you rolling same week.

- I'm going to schedule out production a couple weeks at a time eventually, and can more accurately tell clients when i will be starting their work and finishing it even if its not for a couple weeks. Right now I can't really do that. This will be an improvement I'm sure clients will appreciate

-September will see the 5th anniversary of EWG since it started. There will be something special for that anniversary! I'm working on an idea of an artbook but something unique to me and EWG. Also maybe a 5 year retrospect on how my art has improved and the business has evolved since the first year. Welcoming ideas if you want to comment on it below.

-Jumping Boy will remain last priority around client work so on weeks it doesn't get updated you know I'm pretty busy. But I will do my best to update it regardless. I don't want to loose the momentum of this climactic chapter!

-A reminder any folks still holding onto Dewd Dollars or special discount coupons need to use them before end of the year they will be considered null and void come the new year!
Alright, that's it for the updates, will be doing my best to keep the ol' chin to the drawing board and churning out the art!


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