Jumping Boy - 9.8 - Trespassing

June 18, 2014

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Comic Notes:
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Meanwhile, back at the airfield. Marty just got the tractor put away. So in the hangar is macs old geebee aircraft, a towing tractor and mechanic tools and oil drums and lets not forget... Marty! Holy crikey! The doom. The krakadooooom of it all.

As fun trivia for the loyal readers who come back week after week, I'll go ahead and tell you a bit about Clapper and Zapper. They are both relics of power in their own right. Ancient armor restored in modern form as robotic self driven drones by Dr Baddman here, and commissioned by the wealthy Lord Javelin. Zapper wields lightning/ electricity while Clapper wields thunder/ concussive wave lengths. Together you have some serious Krakadoom! But earlier in the armor's life, they were among others like them in france wielded by operators from inside. They are now driven by hydraulics and circuitry and gained many enhancements when re-worked by Dr Baddman. And there you have my concept notes on The Golem Twins! Golem: (/ˈɡləm/ GOH-ləm‎) found in versions of ancient mythology is an animated anthropomorphic being, created entirely from inanimate matter. Often driven by a supernatural life force. In this case, as they are robotic gearing in ancient armor bound with powers they were nicked named 'Golems'.
Original concept art of Clapper: The steam vents dispel heat and his big round arms were added by Dr Baddman and function to amplify his concussive blasts.

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