Jumping Boy - 9.9 - Great Expectations

June 25, 2014

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Comic Notes:
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Both Dr Baddman and Bia take pride in their work. Its important to enjoy what you do. Enjoy this behind-the-scenes style post this week, as I don't have time to get it all inked and pretty this week. But I know some of you might enjoy this more raw pencil look for now! Come back around and finish it up later on or what not! The important thing is the story continues...

As a bonus sort of following the Golem notes from last week heres some design sketches and notes on Bia:

Bia is the name of one of the right hand gaurds of the Greek God Zues, the others are Nike, Zealus and Kratos. Bia is thought to be the personification of force, power, and violence. Spoiler alert for the loyal readers and fans out there, Javelin is sort of like 'Zeus' and Bia here is the newbie entry to his mentioned 'Honor Gaurd'. We have yet to meet the rest of his gaurd. But yeah, you can put it together a bit now. Longtime soldier for the private military technologies organization 'JCorp', she was a ruthless and loyal leader. She lost both arms in action and since has had surgeries to embed artifical joints at her shoulders. With these she can wear completely robotic arms that act like her own though lacking in sensory perception. It is believed this lack of feeling makes her push harder and act more violent, hoping to push hard enough to actualy feel something someday. 
Her artificial arms are not cut out for battle though, so she was the candidate for an experimental set of Battle Knuckles developed by Dr Baddman. They were huge in proportion to the wearer's body and worked by keeping themselves in balance and supporting themselves, allowing the user to do kick attaccks with them supporting and propelling or for them to support each other in grappling, punching and other attacks. They are actualy quite light weight and feature grapple/ retractable cable mechanisms that Bia enjoys using like a dog slapping its pray around in its mouth. 
In an encounter with Jumping Boy, a great amount of force shattered one of them, rendering them both basicaly useless as they are meant to counter and balance eachother, and caused her prosthetic arms underneath to require a good deal of repair. 
As a reward for being the only person able to catch up to and pin down Jumping Boy and for her sacrifices and hard work over the years, Lord Javelin gave her the opportunity to prove herself worthy of his Honor Gaurd by bestowing her with a relic of power. With the arm armor that goes from hand to shoulder on her left arm, she is endowed with brute strength and near invulnerable defense against impact. The armor is on her left arm but it also makes her prosthetic arm as well as over all body just as strong. While not immortal or invinsible, the arm armor makes her one of the toughest to defeat by straight up melee fighting there is.
Remains to be seen if she will pass this final chance to prove herself that Lord Javelin has given her, and claim her place among his Honor Gaurd.
Below is picture of Bia version one before she had a power relic, and version 2 design where the idea was to have a smaller armor look but to remember and evoke the fact that even though its smaller and less imposing looking its a whole lot more powerful.

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  1. MathKnight said...:

    Guards, not gaurds.

  1. Eryck Webb said...:

    haha thanks - sorry bout the typos in the notes. and thanks for readin/ commenting

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