Back in Black - The Power Is At 11

July 15, 2014

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Eryck Webb Graphics is officially 100% back online! The power at home where I worked usually became about 75% capacity due to some pole/ line damage one evening probably a month or two ago. We got to the place where we were able to call the power company. They couldn't fix it, an electrician had to do it and then an inspector had to put their approval on it and slap a sticker on the box. But the power company dude HAD to disconnect the power 100% at the street cause it was a hazard (even though we spent a month living that way...) so, suddenly we didn't have power. The father in law did his best to get the parts fixed and replaced and I helped him far as I could. Took 3 weeks of living with no power and having a gas generator for occasional utility needs to get it fixed. Granted, about once a week we thought it was good, the inspector came out, needed something changed. So then finally week two had an electrician come out take over. Still didn't pass till week 3. Then the power company took as long as they possibly could to get out and turn on the power. All the while I was working offsite at a friend's house for which I am my clients (I'm sure) are very grateful, allowed me to keep up for the most part and overall work like normal give or take some differences.

It took me longer to get up and out of the house, so I started way later, and then most of the time I tried to come home and use the gas grill to cook food and etc for everyone so I quit at 5 or 6 to do that. This is all fine but my job tends to demand evenings more often than not. So I was working 6-7 hour days 5 days a week. No computer on the weekends, trying my best to respect the friends time home by not being there after they got home from work longer than I needed to be and taking off the weekends).

This inevitably cut into my web comic work 'Jumping Boy' and as well as other time on projects that just don't fit into a 9 to 5 very nicely.

Very very appreciative of the friends for allowing me an auxiliary work location and very very happy to be back at the ol' normal desk with power restored, and the chair/ desk I'm most comfortable in for the last year or two. I even took the opportunity to improve the overall setup, with my computer down beside my desk so it frees up clutter on the desktop, and got my trusty Howard The Duck original art that used to hang in my dad's home office growing up, and its hanging above my work area now.

My first official drawing being back is at the top of this post. I nicknamed my computer 'Black Betty' - like the Nazareth song, cause... well its black, and its a high performance get up and go little hot rod of a computer. Hence... the full speed burn in the picture above. Lol.... I dunno, was sketching for a warmup and just went with some 'whatever i want' ideas and that came out. Speeding across some desert crankin out the artz full blast!

SO, what does all this mean? It means getting caught up and ahead on work load, it means hanging out on Horseshoes and Handgrenades again, it means web comic return and it means evening work which can occasionally (and in most cases) turn into Livestreams.

Thanks for all the clients and fans patience with the limitations and missteps in the last 3 weeks, but barring any unforeseen new problems, I believe that EWG can honestly state that it is up to 100% capacity once again finally!



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