Warmup Sketching

August 5, 2014

A big ol' canvas of doodling while watching the last 1/3rd or so of Dear Mr Watterson on netflix - a neat documentary mostly praising calvin and hobbes and watterson but had some interesting insights and look at comic strips as a whole and webcomics and the history of where things were and where things are going. 
Good ol' Calvin and Hobbes. I never saw the very last strip and had to Google it a month or two ago and it was cute, more tv series and what not should end that way. Give you the sense that even though you will see no new episodes in that world, the characters are still immortally living on happy and doing what they always do :) 
Suppose I should get going on paid work today! Tally ho!
Also will be on Hnhshow.com live page chatroom and workin on jumping boy tonight - there will be no main livestreams this week taking a break from 'em! But when I do a july sale item will try to turn on picarto whilst. Could happen in morning/ afternoon - no telling. Stay tuned to EWG DevArt Journal, Facebook or Twitter to see announcements of when I go live.

Steel City Con is Friday! Looking forward to it. If it seems promising enough I may do a table next year.


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